trip to Korea

By 04/15/2013News

Korea is the center of international attention in these moments because of the tension that is present there, but the trip is focused on building bridges between Europe and Asia. Making adventist education global.

fotopresidente SU

Tuesday, April 2, the Coordinator of SDALanguages and Italian Program Director, Anna Maria Antonietta Riviello, and the Spanish Program Coordinator and Spain’s Union Director of the department of education, Juan Antonio Lopez, arrived in Seoul. They started a series of contacts, visits and interviews with the President, Vicepresident, and some of the professors from Sahmyook University, where they were also able to enjoy the hospitality of their host, cultural interest and campus life.

Also they were able to interview some of the area’s High School faculty and visit the offices of the Korean Union.

The visit was productive for both institutions, meeting Koreans who were interested in the possibility of offering a linguistic and cultural experience in Europe to their students.