New Year for Villa Aurora.

By 01/09/2012News

This year at Villa Aurora, we have 30 ACA students. We are at the beginning of a new adventure, a new chapter in the lives of the students as well as another beginning for the school. Each year at Villa Aurora is new because there is always a fresh group of students excited about learning Italian and experiencing all that Italy has to offer. .“It opens our eyes to see that things don’t only work one way,” says ACA student Carolina Garcia.

We have already been on several trips this year including: Cinque Terre, Naples, Pompei, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Ravenna and Bologna, as well as Pisa and Lucca. “The school trips have given me an opportunity to see things I wouldn’t have had the time or money to visit. It’s great that we study the history and background of  these places in class before we go on the trips,” added Meredith Banks.

Living in another culture is an adjustment and a great learning experience. The ACA students are so happy to have staff that really care about them. Subira Brown summed it up when said, “The teachers are like our parents away from home.”knowing-leonardo-da-vinci-his-town2