Wedding month at Villa Aurora

By 06/08/2010News

We are thrilled to announce ACA Villa Aurora wedding month: June 2010.

Villa Aurora is not just a place to earn a degree or pad your resume, it is a place to make friends and cultivate relationships that will last a lifetime. Some relationships transform into something much, much more as evidenced by the four weddings coming up in June.

Wedding month opens on June 6 with the wedding of one of Villa’s youngest teachers, Erica Mantovani. Erica and her fiancé, Lucas, has tied the knot here at the start of the Florentine summer.

Erica & Lucas

Lucas & Erica

On June 13 it is Brian Gauthier and Tiffany Branum’s turn to exchange vows. Brian and Tiffany did not know each other before arriving at Villa Aurora in 2006 as ACA students. Brian is sensitive and sensible while Tiffany is sweet and timid. Their personalities meshed wonderfully and blossomed into love. We have all enjoyed the privilege of watching them grow together.

Wedding on 13 June 2010

Brian & Tiffany

June 20 brings the wedding of Ehren Lichtenwalter and Erin Castillo. Ehren was an ACA student during the academic year 2003-2004 and returned in 2007 to be the assistant to the director of the language department. While in Florence, Ehren and Erin, acquaintances from college, got to know each other better. Italy provided a picture-perfect backdrop as the couple eventually fell in love.

Wedding on 20 June 2010

Erin & Ehren

Our “wedding month” will conclude on June 27 with the wedding of Erin Gosling and Alin Ciubotaru. Erin was an ACA student in 2008 and decided to come back in 2010 to improve her Italian and continue her relationship with Alin, a theology student. Alin and Erin began a relationship during Erin’s first year here and their relationship will culminate this June with their wedding. Theirs, too, is a beautiful love story.

Wedding on 20 June 2010

Erin & Alin

We wish only the best for these four couples. May their lives be full of happy moments and may they conquer all future trials with serenity and love.