The most romantic language in the world

By 06/16/2009News

index-idiomas-inglesIs English the most romantic language in the world? The answer is definitely “yes” for Summer School in English students, Raquel Almeida and Jean-Jacques Lallemand.

When Brazilian teacher, Raquel, realised her dream of attending the Newbold College Summer School in English in July 2008, little did she know that more than one of her dreams would come true. In Raquel’s own words “When I arrived in England it was like a dream, all my friends were in Brazil praying for my trip, my studies, to know good people… and at Newbold College I made good friends, had good teachers and I discovered that my English was not so bad. I could speak and understand in English, I really loved that. Then I met Jean-Jacques – at the beginning he was too shy, but I liked him. He told me that he worked in an Adventist College in Collonges, France like an informatician, he managed all the computers on the campus. When I met him I thought to myself “Wow he is a Christian, intelligent, kind, a church worker and single!!!!” and he thought ” she is a Christian, intelligent, beautiful, sings well, she’s kind… I don’t believe that she is single!!!”
Now we are married and have been living in Brazil for seven months, after that, we will go to France, Then we will see if God wants us to stay in Brazil or in France.
The Newbold College Summer School in English was the realization of my dream. Now Jean-Jacques and I can speak and understand English, our language is English, so for us, English is the most romantic language in the world.